Digital Clock Module (Joomla)

UniqueScience Digital Clock Module will shows server time on the websites. This Joomla module is very easy to install - just install is using the default install feature of module from administrator panel of Joomla admin. By default we have set this clock in green in color, however it very easy to change the color of the module, just follow the following steps

How to change the color of the Digital Clock?

- Go to this directory module/mod_uniquesciencedigitalclock/images/
- Under this directory there are three images

- time_background_middle.jpg
- time_background_right.jpg
- time_background_left.jpg

- You just need to change color for these three images, it will change the color of Digital Clock.

Our Price: only $1.99

Note: Free support for this application.

Digital Clock Module (Joomla)
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